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Art Created by the Anointed Hands of God's People!

We Use Our Talents For the Glory of the Lord!

Christian Artists Unite!
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Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

Photography is Creative Love!

Colour Your World!

Hi, my name is Julie or known in the LJ world as fljesuschick81.

This site is for Christian artists of all backgrounds, skill levels, and denominations. Artists who are looking to preach beyond the choir and take the art world by storm! We recognize that God has given us a beautiful talent and therefore strive to use it for his glory. No matter what your artistic preferences are, from tradtional to digital methods, it's accepted here. This is a community where you can feel welcomed to express yourself, share creative ideas, vent, make prayer requests, sell items, network...the possbilities are endless.

However, there are rules I'd like for everyone to abide by:

1. No bashing please, whether of the art or the person. There is a difference b/w constructive criticism and being plain disrespectful. Considering that everyone comes from different backgrounds/denominations, we are all children of God and must function as one body.

2. ~If posting images, make them dial-up friendly in size.
~A minimum of five (5) images per post.
~The prefered file format is JPEG.
~Apply lj-cuts please.

3. ~If the content of the work can be considered controversial, please indicate its purpose. For example: If it contains drug use, state that the point is to minister to those bound in this sin.
~Nudity is permitted as long as it's tasteful. The body is a beautiful creation and the temple of the Holy Spirit. As long as it reflects this principal, you're all right by me.

4. The community is for ARTISTS & ART LOVERS. This is not a place for arguments and debates about religion. Please take this conversation elsewhere.

5. Due to potential content matters, members must be at least 13 yrs. old. Remember, if the work can be considered racy, PLEASE add a warning in the post.

6. Any work that is taken and/or manipulated by anyone other than the stated artist will be dealt with in legal matters that the individual feels necessary to perform.

Pardon as I continue to spruce up the place.

Again, Welcome to Anointed Art!
I pray that this community will be a blessing for you!